The neuromorphic theory introduction

Starting that post I am going to describe my observations

Posted by Volodymyr Pavliukevych on June 18, 2022 · 2 mins read


The twenty-first century brings us lots of different technology discoveries. One of them is a new trend in computer science called artificial intelligence. The thing is there is no real progress to achieve any kind of consciousness for now. Big number of scientists and engineers are working on basic algorithms resolving a few number tasks like regularization, classifications, and clusterization but none of those algorithms make us closer to real consciousness problems.

On another hand, the current computation level is not ready to cover real brain computation. My first point is that we’ve pretty much reached the limit of how small transistors can get. Currently transistors are around 10-20 nanometers in scale, and are expected to shrink to around 5-7 nanometers in the next few years, but that seems to be about as far as we can go. At that point, transistors are so small that quantum effects prevent them from working properly. Second issue we have been faced with is The von Neumann bottleneck. Current computer architecture based on memory - bus - processor approche. It leads to a situation when we need to transfer huge amounts of data from memory storage to the processor and visa versa. Instead of that, the brain “stores” each piece of information right in place where it should be processed, that approach leads to a dramatic increase in computation parallelism.

Anyway it is time to start working on new algorithms and conceptions to resolve artificial consciousness task in some future.

Important notice

In that blog I will provide some references for neuroscience discoveries and some biological research but the thing is I am not going to describe how the human brain is working on. I am not a neuroscientist. I am not a biologist. I am not really interested in how the human brain is working. My goal is to find new ideas to make it possible to achieve artificial consciousness tasks.